10th (Tenth) Mountain Division Huts and Summit Huts Online Guidebook
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HutSki.com Colorado Huts Map Information

Our free topo maps are based on incredibly accurate U.S. Government 7.5 minute topographic maps. Using scanned maps we've created a map "tile set," used software to create a GPS coordinate grid, then worked hard to overlay with our annotations and route lines. We update our maps constantly based on field checks and feedback from hut users. Since our maps are a derivative work and include large amounts of data sourced, annotated and designed by us, they are copyrighted. Feel free to print and copy for personal use, otherwise please honor our copyright and hard work.

We also offer our pre-configured Google maps and aerial photos, including a complete system map based on the Google mapping service.

In terms of usefulness for navigation, we are confident our maps are equal to or better than anything else available.

Map Printing and Field Use
HutSki.com free topo maps are designed as a grid of 8x10 inch maps, each of which should easily print on a standard office printer (see below for information on getting our left/right "landscape" oriented maps to print sideways). If printed in grayscale on a laser printer, these maps will be relatively water resistant but harder to read than if printed in color. Thus, we recommend printing in color -- AND USING A SYSTEM OF WATERPROOFING YOUR MAPS. Such a system could be as simple as storing your map in a waterproof plastic bag, or better, using a waterproof paper and ink system. If your trip covers more area than one of our maps, simply print out the additional maps you need, trim appropriate edges, and fasten together with clear tape. Also, no matter how you print out your maps consider having them laminated. Doing so results in a totally weather resistant maps that are easily used no matter how much it's snowing or blowing.

Map Index
To view or acquire maps, you can use the graphical display below, or see our text based map index for 10th Mountain and Summit Huts. For Braun Huts and Friends Hut, click here or see individual hut pages.

10th Mountain Huts Map Tileset Index

The Two most important things with using a GPS with HutSki.com: First, set your GPS to use the WGS84 Datum, otherwise your locations will be off. Second, we use UTM coordinates so familiarize yourself with how those work and set your GPS to use same. UTM coordinates for this area are often written like this:
13 S xxx xxx
xx xx xxx

The "13 S" is simply the zone of the globe you are in, and remains the same for all coordinates in the area covered by this website, so it's left off our coordinates here at HutSki.com. Depending on your GPS unit, you may need to tell it you're in zone 13 S, or you may be able to just enter the numbers for your coordinates to create a waypoint. A bit of practice with your GPS is all you need to work this correctly.

We write our coordinates like this:
xxx xxx E
xx xx xxx N

With the "E" indicating the "easting" or longitude and the "N" indication the "northing" or latitude.

UTM numbers are simply a measurement in meters of how far you are from the Prime Meridian longitude line, and how far from the Equator -- nothing more than that.

Beyond the basics of GPS use, remember that while we do recommend use of a GPS (especially if you are unfamiliar with the area you'll be traveling in), your GPS is secondary to map, compass and barometric altimeter work for routes associated with the 10th Mountain and Summit Huts. Our maps include a 1/2 mile GPS grid based on the UTM coordinate system, this can be used for fairly accurate "geolocation." For more precise waypoints we provide many on our maps. We recommend you program these waypoints in your GPS before you leave home, along with others you might pull from mapping software on a computer.

One other thing: You may have GPS coordinates in a notation other than UTM. In that case you may need to convert coordinates. The easiest way to do this is use mapping software such as Topo! by National Geographic. In that case, just set your coordinate type via the Topo! "preferences" menu to whatever notation you want to convert from. Enter your coordinates, then change your type again via "preferences" and your numbers will be converted. Just remember to watch what Datum you're using -- best to be doing everything with WGS84. You can also find numerous GPS coordinate converters on the web, many are confusing but generally work if you persevere through the learning curve.

If you have problems with the horizontal maps just using half a page of paper instead of printing sideways:
First, know that our horizontal format maps will usually be set to appear sideways when you look at them on this website, and will thus print vertically without any changes to printer settings.

But, if you do have problems with how your printouts orient, look for a printer setting that tells your printer to print in "landscape" mode rather than "portrait." If you're using Internet Explorer as a web browser, that setting is reached by clicking "file" on the main menu, then "page setup." If that doesn't work, if you're using our Flashpaper map presentations, once you click on the Flashpaper print icon, then adjust "preferences" to print "landscape" or "portrait." Using Flashpaper is a bit confusing because even though you'll have a "File/Print" option with your browser, you want to be using the actual Flashpaper print icon as shown in the screen shots below.

Begin with double clicking the Flashpaper print icon, as shown above. Then set to "Landscape" or "Portrait" using your printer "Preferences" or settings.

Reproduction of HutSki.com Maps
While our copyrighted maps are free for personal use, we ask that you do not publish them in public on the web or in print. Passing them around in private among friends is fine. Note that since our maps are constantly updated, it is wise to go back to us as the source whenever you need a hut map, rather than storing our digital maps on your computer or other electronic device, though doing so is fine.

Continuing that thought, if there is any information you'd like us to add to a map please contact us using our forums or email (see menu at top of this page). If at all possible we'll research and add your suggested info to our maps and text descriptions.

Map Design
Trails that follow snow covered (in winter) roads are drawn as red dotted lines, while those that do not follow roads are solid red lines. Huts are designated by a small red icon with badged with an "H." Elevations are all in feet to match USGS topo standard, and again, remember that all our GPS coordinates use the WGS84 datum. Everything else is standard USGS notation.


This book goes great with our maps, highly recommended for any hut skier.
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